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ATM Acquiring
& Monitoring Services

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ATM Monitoring Services

Advanced ATM Multi-vendor monitoring solution enables banks to monitor all types of ATMs easily, Also it generate necessary alerts to responsible teams according to full set of configurations to confirm ATM availability and full management allover the day.

  • Configuration & Administration

  • Incident Management

  • Cash Management

  • Journal Upload

  • Reconciliation

  • Incident Management

  • Remote Operations

  • File Transfer

ATM Driving & Management

Enable banks to provide a broad range of services via ATM network, from cash withdrawals and mini statements to instant account top-up and balance inquiries. Our ATM solution supports multi- language screens and provides convenient ATM management facilities and monitoring tools.

Solution Advantages

  • Process Automation

  • Cost Reduction

  • Real Time Dashboards

Improve Consumer Experience

  • Cash Optimization

  • Instant Cash View

  • Enhance Cash Availability

Improve Consumer Experience

Reducing risk and cost while enhancing consumer experience

Implementation Benefit
  • Proven solution

  • Help customers reduce cost

  • Short time implementation

  • Attractive financial packages

Solution / Product Benefits
  • Increased availability

  • Increase productivity & revenue

  • Multi-vendor capable

  • Proactive monitoring and dispute resolution

Risk Reduction
  • Reduce terminal downtime

  • Reduce data loss risk

  • Reduce fraud and operational risk

Cost Optimization
  • Less technician onsite support

  • One solution for multi-vendor networks

  • Modular product approach

  • Less SW maintenance and use single solution family


POS Management System


In-store payments

Complete solution for managing point-of-sale (POS) systems and components. This includes supplying traditional or smart POS terminals, developing custom POS applications, configuring and parameterizing Terminal Management Systems, implementing Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), and providing maintenance and support for various technologies such as NFC, biometric, QR codes, and accepting co-branded (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, and Amex) or private label cards.


Soft POS

Solution empowers businesses to process payments directly from their NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets using contactless cards or mobile wallets. This innovative feature eliminates the need for additional hardware, making it a convenient and portable payment option for on-the-go transactions. With soft POS, businesses can provide their customers with quick and hassle-free payment experiences.

  • White Label Mobile App

  • App2app (Deep Link)

  • SDK Integration

  • Device Identification

  • Digital Onboarding

  • Geolocation

  • Anti Screenshot

  • Anti-Keylogger

Soft POS Roadmap

SoftPOS provides access to underserved merchant segments and incremental value through value-added services and business operations tools

SOFTPOS App Access

Merchant downloads App on NFC enabled Android device

Self Onboarding

Merchant fills in and uploads onboarding information via App

Payment Enablement

NFC and QR Acceptance enabled on App upon approval

Merchant VAS

Merchant access VAS opt in functions

Business Ops Management

Merchant access productivity functions

ECR (POS Integrated)

With POS integration, you can process payments directly with your electronic cash register (ECR) without the need to re enter the transaction amount at the POS.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

This is the process whereby the amount of a card transaction is converted by a merchant with the consent of the cardholder to the currency of the payment card at the point of sale.

Payment Gateway
& E-Commerce

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Online & In App Payments

Online payment platform provides complete, integrated, and highly secure electronic payment solutions for B2B and B2C in most currencies and with all major card brands, as well as “recurrent payment” and “easy check out” features through tokenization.

QR Code Payment

QR code payment solution is a two-dimensional code (Static/Dynamic) made up of black and white squares that can be read by smartphone cameras, point of sale (POS) terminals and other devices.

Pay By Link

This is a simple and useful tool allowing merchants to send their customers a secure payment link for different options of online payments via their merchant dashboard or mobile App.

PGW Merchant Dashboard

Powerful dashboard for online merchants, enables online merchants to manage their online acceptance, view transactions, settlement, disputes, and manage their digital accounts.


Merchant Integration Kit

Payment integration that enhances the customer experience with all the high-end features it contains. The kit includes a set of developer-friendly APIs, documentation, and sample code that facilitate the integration process. It empowers merchants to accept various payment methods, such as credit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment solutions, expanding their customer base and maximizing revenue opportunities.



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