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Our solutions go beyond just payment processing, providing you with the essential tools to enhance your business operations. They are designed to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize risks. Trust us to be your trusted partner in payments and beyond.

Enterprise Fraud Management

Security is our priority, especially when it comes to the customers’ bank information. Our most advanced fraud monitoring tools and systems enable banks to reduce their fraud losses by detecting, tracking, analyzing, and reporting any suspicious card activities in accordance with the best global payment industry practices.

API Driven

Comprehensive API driven Risk platform with 360-degree customer insight


3DS – Cards Ecomm, UPI, Wallets, Net Banking, Mobile Banking

Data Enrichment

Ability to connect to external systems and flexibility to fetch data and expose APIs

Fraud Prediction

Predicts Cardholder Fraud leveraging Rules and customizable AI/ML Models 


Scalable, High Available, Cloud ready deployment scoring 100% of the transactions in real time

Knowledge Base

Out of box 100+ scenarios for risk containment pertaining to various payment methods


ACS 3D Secure

Security measures designed to protect cardholders during online transactions. It adds an extra layer of protection for all issued cards, making e-commerce and online payments more secure. This solution supports online authentication and generates one-time passwords (OTPs) through a complete platform for enrollment, OTP generation, authorization processing, and integration with SMS gateways and email servers. It also provides standard API interfaces for OTP delivery.

Loyalty & Rewards

Create and manage loyalty programs for merchants and cardholders. including features such as rewards point accrual, redemption, and personalized offers to help increasing your customers engagement and retention, leading to increased revenue and customer lifetime value.

Top-Up & Bill Payments

Integrate different service providers to POS/ Mobile App can be used for mobile top up and bill payments among other services to help merchants generate more revenue

24/7 Contact Center

Our team is focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience 24/7/365 to manage all the back office work on behalf of our partners

Analytics & Reporting Services

Full set of analytics and reporting services are designed to help partners business strategy and improve their portfolio performance

Consulting Services

We provide a wide array of services to our partners including card scheme licensing, product development and management, plastic card design, kit and packaging, marketing collaterals, added value services and more


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